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Thread: Some Friends scores not listed

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    Default Some Friends scores not listed

    A few of my friends started playing zen pinball 2 recently and Thierry scores never show on "single play all time " chart or any other list . I am showing on theirs but I can't see their scores. Please help as I need to keep them down

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    I'm having the same issue. My scores show up on my friends games, but I can't see theirs

    I've tried removing and re-installing, and signing in and out while in the game. No luck



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    Can you both answer a few questions for me? The more details the better! I'm assuming this is on PS4, but if not, please let me know.

    How many Zen Pinball 2 friends do you have total?

    Does a message like "this player is not yet ranked" appear on the info panel or the scoreboards?

    If the message appears on the info panel, can you even enter the scoreboards screen?

    If you enter the scoreboard screen and set the filter to “overall”, do you see scores?

    If you check out the weekly scores, do you get the same message?

    Does this happen with all the tables or just some of them?

    Do you see the extra scoreboards – Super League (Current Season) - for the Super League tables on the scoreboards screen?

    Is your account based in North America or Europe?

    Thanks! If you have any other info that you think may help - let us know

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