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Thread: Crashing/Freezing on IOS?

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    Default Crashing/Freezing on IOS?

    Hi, I am having problems on IOS. Bought the VIP worked great till last weekend now I can't get a game to start. Freeze crash reboot. tried both a IPad mini and IPhone 5. No luck at all. Is this just me? Also I do not have any other issues with any games besides this one. Love the game... Just wish I could play it. hoping I am not alone and there is a update coming or something. Anyways if anybody here has any knowledge of the situation I would love to know. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Crashing/Freezing on IOS

    Glad you got it worked out . Not sure if you could with the crashing and all but did you see what the name of the two potions were?

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