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Thread: List of tables behind on 360

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    Default List of tables behind on 360

    Is there a list of tables on 360 that were updated on other platforms? I know for sure Plants vs. Zombies and Paranormal were. I know MS's annoying policies make it hard, but is there any chance of these getting updated any time soon? I have the majority of tables for 360, but I'm trying to decide if I should double dip (I also have PC, 3DS, and Wii U. My PC doesn't have the greatest video card, but Pinball FX2 runs at 60 FPS on it).
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    Do not tell them that you will buy the game on other platforms if they do not update. They will then have an incentive to not update
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    The Black Widow Ramp on Avengers randomly leads to a drain on Xbox 360.

    The PS3 version had the same problem but was fixed within a week.....

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