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Thread: ZEN Pinball - Need help from the community with leaderboards!

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    Exclamation ZEN Pinball - Need help from the community with leaderboards!

    My name is David, known in the gaming community as Kasht, and I am currently working on a site to showcase video game leaderboards and world records.

    I started with the PS4 games, and since Zen Pinball 2 is out on PS4, I started doing some research regarding the different leaderboards, table availability, etc. Hence, I downloaded Zen Pinball 2 in the PS3 and noted the top score for each table.

    It is then when I realized that ZEN Pinball came first, so I went ahead and tried to get it from the PSN store. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available, and I already read every thread in this forum regarding that, so this is something I'm just gonna have to live with.

    Because of the above, I am asking the community if it would be possible to help me with this activity. All I need is for the leaderboard overall scores for ALL the tables in ZEN Pinball, as well as the team score, pro score, and any other scores that are not table specific. If someone can help me with this, please post here or send me a PM so we can coordinate.

    There is an easier way for me to achieve what I want to do, but it would require someone who actually bought ZEN Pinball plus all the DLC to share their PSN information with me. While I don't expect anyone to want to help me this way, I wanted to put it out there so if there is someone really interested and willing to do this they can do so as well. I can pay for everything for what its worth to whoever wants to do this.

    Anyhow, since there is no way to get the game plus DLC the conventional way, and since I don't expect anyone to share it with me, I ask for anyone with ZEN Pinball plus all the DLC tables to help me capture this leaderboard information.


    PS: For the curious trophy completionists out there, only 17 people completed this game 100%.

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    I have the game but I deleted it off the hard drive a long time ago (I would have to redownload everything again), since it was redundant. ZP1 learderboards only displays the top scores (all time, weekly and fastest minute). Pro and team scores don't exist on ZP1.

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