Hi guys,

I recently made the move from Tablet/Phone/PC pinball to console pinball. I chose PlayStation as the cross platform play was the best.

I bought a bunch of my favourite tables, imported them on the Vita and was very happy. Then I became even happier as I realised Zen PInball was on PS4 and I could import all my purchased tables. Whilst doing that I realised I hadn't bought another version of Epic Quest yet. I bought it on my PS4 but then was unable to import it to the PS3 or Vita.

Came here and found this answer

If I buy content in Zen Pinball 2 for PS4, can I import it to my PS3/Vita?

No, the import tool can only transfer from PS3/Vita to PS4, so if you want to play any of your tables on PS3, please make sure to buy them on PS3 or Vita first, and then import to PS4.
and I was wondering why this is the case? I know it's not a massive cost to re-buy the table but it seems a strange restriction on the table sharing.

If I purchase a table on my Vita or PS3 I can play it on everything however, if I purchase it on my PS4, I can only play it on that system. Seems a silly restriction and punishes me for purchasing on the latest PlayStation.

I assume this is some sort of PSN restriction but I was curious to hear the real answer. Also is that something that will be addressed in future releases?