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    Default Pinball FX2 Tables

    I think 'Pinball FX2' is a amazing good pinball plattform.

    But the most tables are star wars, star wars, star wars ....... marvel, marvel, marvel ...

    It's real soporific to read every time again 'marvel' or 'star wars' table !!!

    Again, again and again !
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    I took a look at what's available, at least on the Steam version. We've got:

    Star Wars - 10 (in 3 multi-table packs)
    Marvel - 18 (3 4-packs plus assorted single tables)
    Other licenses (PvZ, Walking Dead) - 2
    Original tables - 12 (including free Sorcerer's Lair; 2 4-packs and the rest single tables)

    So yeah, there are a lot of licensed tables, but there are still 12 original tables out there. That's a lot of content. I have to figure the licensed stuff sells better for Zen, or they wouldn't keep doing it, but it probably also allows them to put out the occasional original design, such as the recent Super League table (with all those variant versions).

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