I enjoyed for years Zen Pinball 2 on PS3 , but here are my thoughts on present tables and game :

1- too many tables Marvel and Starwars ! That's enough ! Could we expect more choice ? (ok Walking Dead is here, I will have a look)
2- all recent tables are unreadable, not clear (too many paintings with bright colors or dark, useless animations, ...)
Fortunatly I can now test these tables before buying them. That is why I have bought none since a long time. :-(

3- due to so many tables, thumbnails are tiny on the screen. This is not pleasant. I need to have tables on several pages. For example : favorites, my tables, not owned
4- A small issue, but when playing in multiplayer mode, there is an ugly progress bar, red and green. Why not simply have an option to choose to keep it or not ?

I really hope to play zen pinball again...