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Thread: Pinball Controller Box for PC for FX2 and The Pinball Arcade

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    Default Pinball Controller Box for PC with Force Feedback for FX2 and The Pinball Arcade

    Hello everyone,

    Here is my finished project with electrical schematic diagram for a pinball controller box to play 'The Pinball Arcade' and 'Pinball FX2'. It has left and right 24 volt DC contactors for flipper force feedback using industrial quality SSR's (solid state relays) for electrical isolation from I-Pac2 keyboard encoder providing for no input lag between the time you actuate a flipper and it's responds on screen. I also included a left and right nudge button next to each flipper button as well as an internal mercury switch for forward nudging. I reprogrammed the I-pac2 with new keyboard commands (shown in schematic) and included some illuminated buttons for eye candy. The Blue and White buttons are for TPA (The Pinball Arcade) only. The green and yellow buttons do the same thing, it's just nice to have a launch ball button next to you thumb. The orange button is for turning nvidia 3D Vision on and off in game. I love to play FX2 and TPA in 3D. It is awesome especially if you increase the depth to about 3/4 to max and adjust convergence properly. Also, turn off ball reflections and post processing. Download the Helix shadow fix for FX2 to correct the DMD depth. Just follow the instructions on the Helix web site. You guys don't know what your missing if you have never seen it! Once you play in 3D vision, you will never go back to 2D even for portrait mode!
    **Please Note** 3D Vision displays only work in 3D mode when in Landscape orientation. In Portrait, you would have to turn your head 90 degrees. LOL.

    If you want left and right magnasave buttons, then just omit the green Enter button and White Camera View Lock button to free up inputs for them.

    The box is built from 1/2" MDF (medium density fiberboard). The bottom cover is 1/4" birch plywood. Not that crap they sell in the box stores, but the good stuff they sell at Michaels or in hobby shops.There is a 1/8" thick plate of Lexan covering the decal which is an authentic 'Williams Monster Bash' back box decal (left side). I also have an after market display stand that pivots 90 degrees for portrait mode viewing. Because I am sitting down at the computer when playing, there is no need for a lock down bar. Your palms are not resting on box, but rather, you fingers are. It's not perfect, but pretty cool and works great. I wanted to build a pincab, but just too expensive. This box cost me about $300.00.

    Here are the pictures:

    BenQ now makes a line of 24" and 27" 3D Vision displays that have a pivoting stand for portrait mode viewing.

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    That is a pretty slick pinball controller. I'll pm you my address so you can ship me next one you build

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    Glad you like it.

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