I hate to make a topic just to complain about one thing that annoys me that isn't even related to the gameplay itself, but the delay between losing a ball and being able to initiate the kick animation in Super League Football is simply annoying. All the other tables I own ('bout ten) has nearly no delay at all, but here I have to wait for the animated football player to turn around, do a slow jog over to the ball, turn around again, and then initiate kick position. THEN I'm able to pull back and kick the ball into play.
I get that you want to make your tables look cool and have neat effects like 3D animated characters running and jumping around, which doesn't annoy me nearly as much as I first assumed it would (though admittedly I have refrained from buying certain tables due to their respective trailers showing off too many animated characters doing things they did in that movie or comic they were in compared to the actual gameplay they show) but the moment the special effects take priority over the gameplay itself is the moment I facepalm with my dick.