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Thread: Export table from FX2 to ZEN 2 ?

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    Question Export table from FX2 to ZEN 2 ?


    I've bought all the table pour pinball FX2 and i'm a huge fan, i would like to play zen pinball 2 on my mac / ps3 / vita, but i can't find a way to export table from pinball fx2 on my steam account to zen pinball 2 on my mac

    Is that possible ?

    I seriously don't want to buy a second time a game i alreagy got


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    Unfortunately, it's not possible. You can't purchase a game/table on one platform and play it another. Every platform holder (Apple, Microsoft, Valve, Google, Sony, Nintendo) wants their cut. When you buy a table on Steam, Valve gets 30% of the transaction. If you were able to export the table to the PS3 for example, then Sony wouldn't get anything. They would be shooting themselves in the foot.

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