Hey all. I noted this in the main SPP thread but figured I'd start a seperate thread where any issues could all be grouped to make things easier. Hopefully this one bug I've noticed will be the only entry. It's the only I've noticed and besides this bug I think both tables are fantastic.

I found a bug on the Butters table that's making it very frustrating. This happens on the Ps Vita version, where I mostly play. The PS3 version is fine. It was while playing the PS3 version that I noticed how things were supposed to work and what was broken on the Vita version.
On the Vita, when the gift lane lights up, it only ever reads kickback. It still awards a random gift, but you have no way of knowing what it will be ahead of time. Even though kickback is lit up, the awarded gift isn't necessarily a kickback, whereas on the PS3 the lane lights up with the name of the gift that will be awarded and changes with a spinner hit.
On a table where the kickbacks are more difficult to get than usual and with the new strong slingshots that often send the ball straight to an outlane, not having this easier way of getting the kickbacks (and extra ball) work properly really makes things much more difficult and frustrating.
Is this something that can be fixed?

Thank you