I also play PB FX2 on an iPad and you know, there are A LOT more tables available.

Curious, which tables you'd like to see on win 8!

Of course, we want to have them all, but there are two, which I personally would choose, if I could decide:

1. Moon Knight: I love the way, the atmosphere of the story is built up here with visuals, the soundscape and gameplay (btw you guys at zen really do a BIG BIG job in telling stories with a pinball table). I am not sure, if the character Moon Knight is popular enough, so maybe not a big chance to see the table on win 8. Anyways, I'd love to have it here.

2. Blade: I didn't like the movie, but I love this table. There are so many great ideas in this table (just one: the day-night changes), which contribute to a dense atmosphere and - for me - a lot of fun in itself.

Sure, the missing Star Wars tables, but I'm sure, we'll get them anyways sooner or later.

I'm looking forward to playing many more tables on a big monitor instead of a small iPad!

Which are your favourite tables, that you'd you like so see on win8, too?