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Thread: The new start screen: You cannot be serious!

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    Thumbs down The new start screen: You cannot be serious!

    I'm sure, there was a lot of work in changing it, but, I hate to say that, it is bad!

    It's confusing, for a non-touch computer hardly usable and ugly as hell. Looks like a Linux-first-trial of a hobby coder. Sorry to say that.

    But I have a tip, how to improve it: switch back to the previous version!

    My detailed concerns:
    - hard to handle with a mouse (scroll left-right?)
    - no consistency in workflow: e.g. pause a table, move (scrolling is not possible) left or right, resume the game, but: where? It is gone; ok I used it since a week now, so there must be a solution! Ohhhh, I have to click the table again, but oh, which one was it yesterday?
    it was all easy before the update... not so cool, is it?

    All in all:
    before the update, you once chose to use a table and you "dove into this table" UNTIL you decided to leave it at some point, which was intuitive.
    Now, this consistency is broken completely.

    I think, it does not help to fix my concern one, two or three, it is not in the datail, the whole concept fails.

    please please please go back to the previous concept (which is by the way still present in iOS) and everything is ok again.

    And, please don't listen to 'somebody' from MS, atm they have too many people to make crucial decisions, so they've lost the focus...

    P.S.: I am neither an Apple- nore MS-fanboy. actually, I prefer(red) MS

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    Default agreed whole heartily

    There was nothing wrong with the start screen to begin with--it was easy to navigate and see everything
    Also, how do you get to the "utilities"?

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    me of Fear Itself and Hans Solo in that aspect. The red guy (Carnage?) in the middle of the table is an extremely nice and entertaining touch. The mini playfield/bonus area is a GENIUS idea. I scored 45 million up ther ein just a minute or two!! I always love to see as m

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