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Thread: Does zen tables use roms

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    Default Does zen tables use roms

    I. just had a quock question do zen tables use ROM files for game logic like real pinball or is it just all imcluded in the table

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    Short answer: No

    ROM really refers to the physical Read Only Memory chips that the software for older arcade games was stored on. It also is often used to mean the software that is copied from those chips. ROMs are only used when trying to recreate games that already exist. The software needs the original hardware in order to work. So, the idea is to make a software recreation of the CPU, memory, and other hardware from the original machine, which is called an emulator, and use that to run the original software.

    TPA uses that technique for example, since they are trying to recreate the original machines as closely as possible.

    Since FX2 has only original tables, they do not need to go through all that trouble. There is no existing software that they want to use.

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    what runs the tables logic then. is the table and logic all made in one or is there a seperate file to run the logic

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    or i should ask how FX2 works on the pc could i go into the folder and find the table logic?

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