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Thread: Recommended order of tables for a complete beginner

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    Default Recommended order of tables for a complete beginner

    I'm not really a complete beginner, but I'd love to hear your recommendations.
    Can you help me draft a list of all Zen Pinball (Pinball FX2 - Steam) tables from the easiest to the hardest?
    I own the following:

    Plants vs Zombies
    Sorcerer's Lair
    The Walking Dead
    Marvel Deadpool
    Marvel Dr Strange
    Marvel Captain America
    Marvel Civil War
    Marvel Ghost Rider
    Marvel Moon Knight
    Marvel X-Men
    Marvel Thor
    Star Wars Darth Vader
    Star Wars Droids
    Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope
    Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi
    Star Wars Han Solo
    Star Wars Masters of the Force
    Star Wars Starfighter Assault

    Thank you!

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    South Park and Fear Itself. Highly recommended.

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    @Casio - thanks, but I was asking for a hint on which tables are easier and which aren't from the ones I already own.
    Should I understand that (both...) South Park tables and Fear Itself are the easiest tables in the game?

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    Everyone's opinion on difficulty will vary, but You've actually got a couple of the more difficult tables in your collection. This is how i would place them, starting with the less challenging tables:

    Your easiest table is by far Sorcerer's lair. This one is probably the easiest in Zen's entire library.

    Sorcerer's lair
    Ghost Rider
    Dr. Strange
    Han Solo
    Cap America
    Darth Vader
    Starfighter Assault
    Walking Dead
    Civil War
    Moon Knight
    Episode IV
    Episode VI
    Masters of the force

    Fear Itself is one of the best tables in Zen's library and is probably in the top 25% of the more difficult tables. South Park is...well it's South Park but its one of the easier Zen tables. But one of the funnest, especially if you like SP.

    This is just my opinion off the top of my head. They might move up & down a space or two depending how good of a game i'm having. I'm sure others would go with a different order...except for Sorcerer's Lair, lol . SL is a great table, but it's difficulty is low because it's the free table, and I'm sure Zen doesn't want to scare off new players with an overly hard first table.
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    Many thanks, MarkItZeroSmoky
    Any other easy tables I should consider buying? (not a big South Park fan)

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixDream View Post
    Many thanks, MarkItZeroSmoky
    Any other easy tables I should consider buying? (not a big South Park fan)
    For another easy table I would suggest Ms. Splosion Man. In terms of cutting my teeth, I played the Core pack tables... they are still some of my favourites and each one is unique in theme and gameplay. Rome was the first table that I got a 100 mil on and out of the 4 of the core pack it is certainly the hardest. My favorite Marvel table is still Fantastic 4... a really awesome table to work at beating the wizard mode. It is also one of the best tables with regards to stackable multi-balls (playing multiple multi-ball modes at the same time).

    PS: Follow my signature for some tips and strategies etc. for some of these tables I mentioned... its a bit outdated, but might still be of some help to you on your quest to master this game.
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