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Thread: Pinball FX2 Title Update

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    Default Pinball FX2 Title Update

    Here are the changes you will see in today's Pinball FX2 update:

    - Table icons are now grouped into brand collections and the general presentation has been revised on the My Collection screen,
    - Fixed the leaderboard handling of the Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi table, so that challenges on this table will now work correctly, and scores are properly reflected on the leadeboards,
    - Fixed an issue on the Star Wars: Masters of the Force table, that may have caused the ball get stuck occasionally in the upper left bumper, completely failing a game session. A game restart was required to reset.
    - Fixed an issue on the Star Wars: Masters of the Force table, where both the active and captive balls could get stuck under the Sith Holocron pyramid. This issue also required a game restart to reset.
    - Fixed an issue on the Deadpool table, where Deadpool may have stuck at the mini pinball table, blocking the game to progress – a game restart was required to reset.
    - Fixed an issue on the Ms. Splosion Man table, where the “Sploded!” achievement was not granted if the player acquired more than the required 100 splodes.
    - Fixed an issue on the South Park: Super-Sweet Pinball table, where the ball may have not returned after completing main missions.
    - Fixed an issue on the Excalibur table, where game progression may have stopped after a multiball – a game restart was needed to reset.
    - Fixed an issue on the Fear Itself table, where the game may have hanged up if a character animation was interrupted in certain cases.
    - Fixed an issue on the Marvel’s The Avengers table, where Thor’s ball could occasionally get stuck if drained during a multiball.
    - Fixed an issue on the Paranormal table, where the flippers may got locked during a restarted the Levitation mode.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

    Have fun!

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    Well that answered the questions from the thread I started today.
    Thanks for the update!
    Also good to see that some long time issues have been solved and that besides the development for new platforms and new tables these things still get fixed.
    Good stuff!

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    Cool anybody got some screens? I don't have access to my 360 at this minute.

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    Nice... especially glad about the South Park table as I have been reluctant to give it a go since I had the completion of all missions game breaking bug occur to me.
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    Default excellent!

    Although most new tables I am buying on Wii U, I have a good collection on 360 and still play them because I have an old controller that I really love using with the game on my 360. There is still a ton of 360 players that did not "automatically" make their next system the xbox one.

    So thank you Zen for the update! The 360 has many good years left in it
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    Great to see activity for FX2 on Xbox 360. It plays so much better on the Xbox than it does on the PC, of course anything that goes through Steam has issues sooner or later.

    It would be nice to see a tournament or two, open up the multiplayer aspect of the game.

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    And after all those years, still no hot-seat for Excalibur and Earth Defense.
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    Might have to play the deadpool table again.

    That hard lock really ruined it

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    I actually never had any of these issues.
    However, I had a save game of Paranormal that got erased. I was up to about 55 billion of so with 4 balls left. I know most of you probably have moved on with this, but this was my first attempt at a high score on this table.
    Just my luck.
    Anyway I'd have preferred seeing the old way where you can see all of the tables at once, but it's not that big of a deal.
    Does Zen plan on doing this to PS3 also? The Table icons grouped into brand collections.

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    - Fixed an issue on the Marvel’s The Avengers table, where Thor’s ball could occasionally get stuck if drained during a multiball.
    Nope, just had this issue yesterday.

    - Had a good game, made it to Wizard mode I think (225-250 million and counting)
    - Was playing with the Hulk ball, two other balls got launched
    - Paused the game to rest my eyes for a few seconds
    - Continued the game
    - Wasn't able to shoot the balls back (one of them Thor) because flippers did not responded at all
    - Balls did not return to the rack with the other balls
    - Matrix display: "get Ready"
    - Hulk ball was stuck at the launcher, kept nudging the table and managed to launch the Hulk ball
    - Shot a few ramps getting couple of million per shot, Hulk ball went out
    - Table stuck, no ball at the launcher, Hulk, Thor and one other ball missing from the rack
    - Matrix display: "get Ready"
    - Nothing seems to help, nudging the table shakes it but it won't go to tilt. No balls coming free, game does not end. Just stuck.

    I exit the game, so it is still saved. Bit annoying because it would double my current high score. Any way to get it going again?
    Otherwise just have to restart and try again.

    I tried to describe the issue and events as clear as possible. Might help you guys to look into this. You have been working to fix this issue and I appreciate the effort you put in to also update the Xbox 360 content. But it is not 100% fixed yet.

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