Really, kills my tablets battery nearly every evening after work. Especially the new Iron & Steel Pack, but on the Wild West table; I'd love to play this for longer than 5min.), nearly every ball finds to fast his way to the right outer lane. Is that a feature to make the table harder than others? Tilt-condition for gameplay? Bug?

Same on the Tesla table, the target-hole in the upper middle, every second ball comming out there back on the playfield flies directly out through the flipper bats (like the 5Milionball on Ghostrider).

No words atop Shamam table, I think its the hardest one in the whole ZEN-collection.

So are these tables designed to be so hard to play? Only for experts - nothing for causal gamers?

Whatever, all the Starwars/Marvel tables and the other ones offers enough fun to play on them.

So, thank you ZEN making and tending this collection and maybe for the future I'd love to see a yellow Minion (Despicable me) themed table with - of course - masses of Minions on it and yellow multiball<-10$ for that!