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Thread: Tablet players -Portrait or Landscape mode?

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    Default Tablet players -Portrait or Landscape mode?

    I have always up to now played zen in portrait mode on my nexus 7.I have just started playing a bit more on the xbox360 and after playing that everything on the tab looked a bit small! Does anyone play landscape mode on their tablets and if you can you recommend a view that similar to console default view?

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    When I play on my iPad I use landscape only. I got used to this view playing zen on ps3 and now prefer it on mobile (I play TPA in portrait only). As far as views I usually cycle through views 3-7 (and 8 when available) until I find one that works best for me with that particular table. I use the static if I don't need to do or see anything in the upper playfield. And when I do need better control over the upper playfield I choose the moving cameras -preferring the ones that are subtle ( pan up, slight zoom out,etc.)

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