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    Default Hello and Welcome!

    If you are new to the Zen Studios forums - Welcome! We hope you enjoy it here. I just wanted to post a note to say that I am here to answer questions and offer help, so feel free to ask if you need help or send me a message if you need something. We have also updated our forum rules, so before posting please take a look. These essentially just say to be respectful of others, don't cheat, don't harass. Pretty basic stuff but please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

    Thanks and have fun!


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    Default Hello and Welcome


    Welcome to APC. Im Agit. How may I call you? And the youtube channel in your profile doesnt work, do you mind to check and update it?

    Nice to know you. Hope you will have fun singing with other APC members If you need help, feel free to ask our moderators or other fellow members for help. Im sure everyone is nice and is willing to help ya.


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