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Thread: Heroes Within or Balance of the Force?

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    Default Heroes Within or Balance of the Force?

    Noticed these are on sale this week half price.

    Havent played for a bit but could be tempted with one of these packs.

    So tell me which is the best on Xbox 360? (I dislike bugs and spam modes!)

    I already have the first Star Wars Pack.


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    For me the Heroes Within is much better. Han Solo in my favorite table. I like Droids a lot too. I didn't play A New Hope quite as much, but it's pretty good. Masters of the Force I never really got into so far, but that might be because I haven't played it as much.

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    I like both packs. But I just get all the tables anyway.
    I can back the previous post, Han Solo and Droids are cool tables, Masters of the Force is a real challenge. So you might want to go for that pack. If you are US based, you can sign up for Bing bonus, use Bing as your search engine, collect points and use those to buy Microsoft gift cards. That way you can get the other tables too. Unfortunately that does not work forme as I am outside the US and just buy all the stuff.

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    Heroes within.
    4 tables total. Found 3 of them enjoyable (couldn't get into Droids).
    Haven't played them in a while, though Episode IV lended itself to just spamming Yavin Multiball.

    Balance of the Force has 3 tables. Only one I liked was Starfighter Assault.

    The first pack is still the best.
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