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Thread: Moving to another platform.

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    Default Moving to another platform.

    Hi everyone, I had a question regarding a move to a new platform, I've played your app on the 3DS for quite sometime now and I was rather exited to find out that you have ported over to IOS, I immediately downloaded the phone app and was slightly disappointed to find that serveral of my tables were locked....would you be willing to unlock Excalibur, Shaman, El Dorado, and City Escape seeing that I had already purchased them?

    Thanks a lot, I hope to hear back soon

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    There is no way to get your tables transfered from one platform to another. You made your original purchase on a Nintendo device. Apple is going to want their cut on their device. Sorry to disappoint you, but if you want to play on iOS you will have to repurchase them through the itunes store.

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