i've noticed another problem with this game. the biggest problem is there's not enough people playing punisher & this game is awesome. besides the major lag with a 8 player game i find myself to be the only person left on my team when there's 3 or 4 people on the other team. the game doesn't adjust this in any way and there's no way to change teams. could you please fix this ZEN? there needs to be a way to even the teams out, otherwise the final score ends up being completely unfair. this happens to me all the time. free for all is great but when i want to play teams i want to be on teams. i don't want 3 other people all coming after me. also, some more game modes and levels would be great too even if i have to pay for them. other than these couple problems i don't see anything else wrong with this game and i don't understand why it got such crappy ratings. punisher is one of the best $10 games i've ever played.