have any of you read the reviews punisher got? i've read several different reviews and they all just bash this game. what the hell? punisher is a great game and it's only $10. do these critics expect $60 quality? i love cod4 and i don't like many other fps's but punisher is awesome. i hated KZ2 & cod5 and i thought cellfactor was gonna be cool but everyone just plays the same old run & gun crap. yes "run & gun" is fun sometimes but there should be some kind of strategy too which is what punisher gives us. there are actually hiding spots in this game which makes people think twice about running around shooting everything. i like a variety of different types of games in fps's. sometimes i like to run & gun, sometimes i like to just camp out and snipe, and sometimes i just don't care if i even get a kill. punisher has good graphics, excellent level design, a wide range of weapons although it's missing some of my favorites like grenades & sniper rifle and great gameplay, the button layout is almost exactly the same as my button layout on cod4. i have to complain about the very slow melee attack. i've found it to be quicker to just change weapons. anyway, this game deserves much better ratings than what it got. i would give it a 8 out of 10 even comparing it to disc based fps's. after some patches to fix the problems and some DLC this game could easily be a perfect 10. on a scale of 1-10, what rating would you give punisher?