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Thread: V12 Multiplayer Ranking

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    Cool V12 Multiplayer Ranking

    I was curious about the authenticity for V12's online multiplayer ranking. I was under the impression that you could only gain or loose points in intervals of 10; however, in addition to being extraordinarily large, some of the players in the top 15 ranked spots have mulitplayer rank scores that end in 1 or 3 (for example).
    Can someone figure out if these were scores added by a hacker?

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    the really big scores, larger than trillions, etc, are bogus. i think there was some sort of glitch there for a while. They are on the other tables too. As for the more normal looking scores, you are right, they should end in 0 as you gain 100 or 20 pts for wins (depending on private slots or not), 10 for playing to the finish, and lose 10 for quitting. I think the host should lose 500 for quitting. I have been to the finish line a few times and had the host quit just to be a pr**k. Cheers bra.

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